Dr Daniel Myatt

Address :-UG12, R3,
ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Harwell Oxford
OX11 0QX
United Kingdom

Tel:- (0125) 445650

Academic history

University of Manchester, BSc. - Biochemistry - 2002

University of Manchester, PhD - "Structural examination of the role of calmodulin in cardiac calcium cycling" - Kitmitto group - 2007

Techiques :- SAXS, SANS, AUC, ITC, CD, EM

Software :- Web applications, High performance Computing

Research Interests : -

1) Software development

I am interested in the development of new, particularly web-based, software tools for the analysis of Small angle scattering data.

2) Academic Research

The Biology support group at ISIS, of which I am a part, is involved in a number of in-house projects and collaborations with academic groups.